About me

Sheroz Khaydarov, Шероз Хайдаров

My name is Sheroz Khaydarov. I'm a software engineer with many years of experience. I have developed many different types of software across multiple technologies. These include web, desktop, mobile, database, network, cryptography, scientific, military, and security-related applications, systems, and services.

Programming is my passion. I have the drive and determination to consistently achieve success as a software engineer, proven within all of the companies I have worked for in the past. Normally, I prefer to work in innovative development teams with a supportive culture, solving complex and challenging R&D-related tasks by setting and consistently achieving aggressive goals. I can work equally well in a team or as an individual contributor, in-office or remote. All I require is a work environment where I can concentrate on executing my duties and generating a stable and sufficient family income.

I work hard, and in return, I expect to be supported, compensated, and appreciated for my work.

Besides coding, I've managed software projects, conducted interviews, performed analyses, prepared assessments, and written technical documentation. In addition, I have built, mentored, and managed high-performing development teams. By nature, I have no ambitions of being the center of the universe and managing people. Yet, having decades of experience as a technology and engineering lead, in most cases, I was able to improve the development process and fill in the missing gaps to achieve business goals in time.

Thank God, in every company I have worked for, I have met many smart, talented, and passionate professionals. As human beings, we cannot achieve the very best on our own. Therefore, I give great importance to collaboration with my colleagues. Many years have passed and ultimately, colleagues, customers, and other friends I have worked with have always valued our mutual cooperation and tried to keep in touch with me. In turn, I'm very grateful to them for their trust, support, and good partnership.

I'm a programmer by vocation and I love what I do.

Areas of Expertise   Portfolio   CV

Areas of Expertise

This section lists the technologies in my bag of experience for the past decades.

This list may look a bit lengthy. But, as you know, software technologies are growing exponentially. I had to continuously combine learning and earning together to stay alive in this crazy tech world.

I am passionate about learning and always looking to learn and keep experimenting with cutting-edge technologies by every chance.

Rust, since 2019

Go (GoLang), since 2019

Ruby, since 2017

  • Rails 4/5, Mongoid ODM, Capistrano, Capybara
  • RSpec, Selenium WebDrive
  • RubyMine

Java, since 2005

  • Java Core, Collections, Multithreading, Java Concurrency, TCP/IP, JNI
  • Servlets, JSP, Web Services, SOAP/REST, Web Sockets, JDBC, EJB 3.0/JPA, JUnit
  • Spring Core/MVC/WS/Data/Security, Struts2, Jabber/XMPP
  • Hibernate, Big Data (Apache Hadoop/HDFS, MongoDB/GridFS)
  • Scaling, Load Balancing, High-Availability, Failover
  • IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, Eclipse (basic), Maven
  • Apache Tomcat (Native/APR +NGINX/Apache HTTPD), JBoss, Jetty

.NET Technologies, since 2005

  • Microsoft Visual C#, VSTO, MS Office Add-ins, OpenXML, ADO.NET
  • Microsoft Visual Basic, VBA Access, VBA Excel

JavaScript, since 1997

  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • Angular (basics)
  • ReactJS (basics)
  • VueJS (basics)

C and C++, since 1993

  • Qt C++ (Windows/Linux/Android), Multithreading, TCP/IP, Audio/Video Processing
  • Microsoft Visual C++, SDK, MFC, ATL, ActiveX, COM, ADO, DAO, ODBC
  • Borland C++ Builder, Borland C++, Borland Turbo C, Bloodshed Dev-C++
  • NetBeans, GNU GCC, cc, g++ (Unix/Linux)

Assembly and Low-Level Debuggers, since 1988

  • MASM32, MASM, NASM, TASM, ZEUS (CPU: Intel80x86, Intel8080, Z80, 6502)
  • OllyDbg, IDA, Soft-ICE

Databases, since 1994

  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, FoxPro, FoxPlus, FoxBase, Karat
  • NoSQL, ANSI SQL, PL-SQL, T-SQL, Stored procedures, Query Optimization

Cryptography, since 2003

  • Symmetric Ciphers (DES, 3DES, AES, GOST etc.)
  • Asymmetric Ciphers (RSA, ElGamal, Diffie-Hellman etc.)
  • Hash functions (MD5, SHA1, SHA2 etc.)
  • Multi-Precision Arithmetics (GNU MP, LINT)
  • Digital signatures (DSA, GOST, Elliptic Curves)
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Steganography


  • JasperReports
  • Crystal Reports, Crystal Reports Server, Crystal Reports for Eclipse and Web integration
  • Microsoft Access

Web Programming, since 1997

  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, HTTP, Web Sockets, REST API, SOAP

Version Control Systems

  • Git, GitLab, GitHub
  • Subversion, SVN
  • Perforce

Project Management, Issue Tracking and Team Collaboration

  • Atlassian JIRA / Confluence
  • Redmine

Quality Assurance and Testing

  • JMeter, Apache Bench
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Unit tests, Web Browser Automation

Trading Platforms Programming, since 2006

  • MetaTrader 4 (MQL4, DLL C++)
  • Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation (IB TWS API, C++, Java)

Other Languages and Technologies

  • WebAssembly
  • PHP, Twig, PhpStorm
  • Linux Bash Scripting
  • Basic, Fortran, Pascal / 1988-1995
  • Google Apps Script, OAuth, Drive API, Sheets API
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS EC2 / S3)
  • Containerization and Virtualization Technologies: Docker, Vagrant, VMware, VirtualBox
  • WordPress CMS + Plugin development, Drupal CMS
  • Liferay Protal + Portlet development, Alfresco ECM (Java)
  • Amulet GUI programming (µHTML, widgets, UART) / 2006
  • Apache HTTPD (.htaccess), NGINX (Load Balancing, SSL Termination)

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows (3.11-10), MS DOS
  • Linux (CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, SUSE), Unix (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris)
  • macOS


  • GSM Network Infrastructure and Mobile Services (SMS, USSD, SMPP, SS7/MAP, SIGTRAN, MSC, HLR, VLR)
  • MS Windows based networks (AD, RRAS, VPN, ISA, CA, Exchange)
  • Linux based networks (iptables, squid, samba, openvpn)
  • Wireshark, Ethereal, Iris, tcpdump


  • OOP/D, DI/IOC, AOP, TDD, UML, Design Patterns
  • Waterfall, Agile/Scrum, Kanban methods
  • Secure Coding and Network Security Basis


This section lists a few details of my experience with various technologies and includes only projects which are available on the internet or where the project owners have no objection to publishing details in the enclosed form. Of course, some of them are the result of teamwork, where I directly participated in the development process. I am not listing here projects, where my role was limited to development coordination or team management.

In fact, the most interesting and valuable projects were developed under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and, therefore, I cannot share anything about them.

Links to public profiles (freelance works):     Freelancer.com Work History (former RentACoder / vWorker)     Upwork.com Work History (former ODesk/ eLance)



Server-side library for the implementation of trusted third-party STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT) server

Server-side components for the implementation of a secure, high-speed binary protocol for exchanging interactive IP communications and real-time text, voice, and video messages, including authentication, heartbeats, and error handling functions

EDX - Interoperability and Data Exchange System
(the core of the SOA-based data bus for enabling government e-services)
http://www.edx.uz (accessible within TAS-IX network only)

Used technologies: Spring MVC/Security/Data, Web Services, SOAP, REST, PostgreSQL, Cryptography, PKI, Digital signature

© Sheroz Khaydarov - EDX SOA based data bus for enabling government e-services © Sheroz Khaydarov - EDX Structure © Sheroz Khaydarov - EDX Integration

IJRO - National Document Management System
(Multi-tenant Architecture, SOA-based Data Exchange)
http://www.ijro.uz (accessible within TAS-IX network only)

Used technologies: Spring MVC/Security/Data, Hibernate/JPA, Web Services, Jasper Reports, PostgreSQL, Cryptography, PKI, Digital signature

SDF - Unified Application Development Platform
(the core framework and components for building and deploying e-government systems, services, and applications)

© Sheroz Khaydarov - SDF Components © Sheroz Khaydarov - SDF Deployment  Scenario 1 © Sheroz Khaydarov - SDF Deployment  Scenario 2 © Sheroz Khaydarov - SDF Deployment  Scenario 3

2013 – 2014
GPS Tracking System
Functionality: geographical location of the object in real-time, controlling routes, appointment ZOI (zones of interest) and POI (points of interest), control of events, fixation and prevention of violations of the route, speeding, fuel dumping, etc.

Used technologies: Spring MVC/Security/Data, Hibernate/JPA, JDBC, REST, OpenLayers, Jasper Reports, PostgreSQL, Mapnik

© Sheroz Khaydarov - UZGPS © Sheroz Khaydarov - UZGPS © Sheroz Khaydarov - UZGPS © Sheroz Khaydarov - UZGPS © Sheroz Khaydarov - UZGPS

Online Education Portal for the Academy of Public Administration of Uzbekistan

Used technologies: Spring MVC/Security, Hibernate/JPA, Jasper Reports, PostgreSQL, OpenID

© Sheroz Khaydarov - ELP: e-Learning Portal © Sheroz Khaydarov - ELP: e-Learning Portal © Sheroz Khaydarov - ELP: e-Learning Portal © Sheroz Khaydarov - ELP: e-Learning Portal © Sheroz Khaydarov - ELP: e-Learning Portal © Sheroz Khaydarov - ELP: e-Learning Portal

OSS System
Functionality: providing public services through e-Government's One-Stop-Shop (OSS) mechanism

© Sheroz Khaydarov - OSS © Sheroz Khaydarov - OSS © Sheroz Khaydarov - OSS © Sheroz Khaydarov - OSS EDX Integration © Sheroz Khaydarov - OSS © Sheroz Khaydarov - OSS © Sheroz Khaydarov - OSS

A high-speed SMS and USSD service gateway based on SS7 over SIGTRAN.
Designed and coded core components of the gateway – server-side part (C/C++, Linux) and client-side (Java) libraries.

SMPP-based gateway for SMS services

Data Collecting and Processing System (central database system) for the largest state financial authority. System core functionalities included: online data collection on the base of user-defined templates, web-based WYSWYG style online template designer, flexible classificatory module, task flow module for sending and receiving data entry tasks and controlling data entry process, support for data entry in online and offline modes, extended search functionality, reporting by Crystal Reports, importing and exporting data to other commonly used formats (Excel, PDF, CSV), an online file repository for file sharing and collaboration, support for internal and LDAP based authentication, role-based security and access control, Jabber based messaging integration and user notifications, multilanguage support, integration with external document management systems and in-depth data analyzing tools, supporting a wide range of database systems including Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL.

Used technologies: Spring MVC, Spring/Acegi Security, Struts2, Hibernate, EJB3/JPA, JDBC, AJAX, jQuery, Axis2 Web Services, Crystal Reports, JBoss, Tomcat, Apache HTTPD, Subversion, Maven, LDAP SSO, Jabber/OpenFire XMPP

© Sheroz Khaydarov - General principle of operation © Sheroz Khaydarov - Web Based Template Designer © Sheroz Khaydarov - Task Panel © Sheroz Khaydarov - Table cell's Security © Sheroz Khaydarov - Data Entry © Sheroz Khaydarov - Reports © Sheroz Khaydarov - Search © Sheroz Khaydarov - Themes

PrayerTimes – prayer times mobile edition

SunRise – desktop utility for astronomical calculations

C / C++

Qt C++
Client library for the implementation of a secure NAT traversal and UDP/TCP hole punching techniques

Qt C++
Designed a secure, high-speed binary protocol for exchanging interactive IP communications and real-time text, voice, and video messages, including authentication, heartbeats, and error handling functions; designed and coded client-side Qt C++-based client library and Java-based server components

Qt C++
Security Service Provider for Web Applications - provides client-side crypto and other security-related operations for desktop and mobile users. Integrates web applications with e-Government services and e-Government PKI platform.
Secures network communications between the web browser and web server. The web browser communicates with the provider through WebSocket-based API functions, including support for authentication, file upload/download, data exchange, digital signature generation, and validation mechanisms. The provider communicates with the web server through a custom crypto tunnel, wrapped into SSL. Can be accessed and managed through the system tray.

Used technologies: Web Sockets, HTTP SSL, Cryptography, PKI, Digital signatures, SQLite

© Sheroz Khaydarov - Secure Data Exchange Agent

Deeply investigated and coded SS7 MAP flow states for single and combined SRI-SM, forward-SM, network initiated, and push/pull USSD services; including direct HLR/VLR/MSC and B-party addressed messages, GT translation rules

A high-speed SMS and USSD service gateway based on SS7 over SIGTRAN.
Designed and coded core components of the gateway – server-side part (C/C++, Linux) and client-side (Java) libraries

Designed a high-speed TCP/IP-based binary protocol and coded a socket server for remote execution of single and combined SS7 MAP operations, data exchange, and RPC

MS Visual C++
Medical software – clinical laboratory programs for U.S.-based largest public research organization

Borland C++, Assembler , Watcom C++
Medical software for a U.S.-based company. User interface design, parameters database, low-level signal generation module, and schedule logic

Bloodshed Dev-C++
Online stock trade software on the base of open source libraries and IB TWS API

2005 - 2006
MS Visual C++
(client/server and p2p based secure communications application)
SecuredCom – PKI based secure communication software. Consists of standalone key generation and authorization PKI server applications and desktop client applications. Supports real-time secured voice, instant messaging, and document communications. Designed, constructed, and tested hardware interface for phone equipment and hardware key generation module. Uses strong cryptography for securing network data exchange and local file storage.

© Sheroz Khaydarov - Secure Communication Software © Sheroz Khaydarov - Secure Communication Software © Sheroz Khaydarov - Secure Communication Software

MS Visual C++
GNU GCC, cc, g++

Developed various cryptography, steganography, and other security-related programs and utilities (GOST 28147-89, AES, DES, RSA, Diffie–Hellman, etc.)

© Sheroz Khaydarov - Cryptography GOST 28147-89 © Sheroz Khaydarov - Cryptography RSA, GOST 28147-89 © Sheroz Khaydarov - Cryptography Random Generator © Sheroz Khaydarov - Cryptography Staganography Image Processing

October 2002 – December 2003
MS Visual C++
(client/server-based enterprise application)

Sorovnoma: Software for Arabic Hajj & Tourism company’s representative office in Uzbekistan. Fully automates the business activities of the representative office for the Hajj and Umra periods. Provides a flexible interface for unified data entry, managing and generating reports, special forms, and embassy documents.

    Key features:
  • Generates all the necessary embassy forms and documents, various documents for local officials, customs declarations, pilgrim travel passports, certificates, tokens for luggage and etc.
  • Includes a built-in Arabic dictionary, automatically changes keyboard layout in form data entry fields, word auto-complete feature with showing both local and Arabic words, automatically converts words, digits, and dates to Arabic form in reports
  • Fully integrates and exchanges data with various external systems, such as Gama (a java based data entry program, all exporting functions are done by low-level binary analysing and re-engineering of Gama program's output file structures), Labbaik and OfficeData embassy systems, and online data submitting to the Saudi Arabia's MOFA web system
  • Automatically distributes pilgrims to air flights and assigns seat numbers
  • Automatically distributes pilgrims to hotels and assigns room numbers
  • Generates and exports user-defined reports to MS Excel format
  • Generates and prints user-defined forms and complex reports by using MS Access ADP
  • Import/export of built-in dictionary in MS Excel format

Used technologies: MS Visual C+, ADO, SQL Server Database, MS Access ADP
Client: MS Windows XP
Server: MS Windows 2000 Server

© Sheroz Khaydarov - Data Processing for Hajj and Umra

October 2002
MS Visual C++
PhoneBook Utility: Windows front-end for famous in the Tashkent MS-DOS and a plane fıle based a telephone and address database. Implements a fast phone number searching engine, converts Russian text's character set from DOS 866 to Windows 1251

© Sheroz Khaydarov - C++ Binary Seacrh

March 2000 – September 2000
MS Visual C++
(medium size desktop application)
CoolChange: Import/export text documents, transliterating characters from Cyrillic to Latin. Has a built-in character map. Shows selected or whole document’s character codes and fonts. Before Windows XP, the Uzbek Cyrillic fonts were not standardized and there wasn’t compatibility between them. The program helps to replace automatically text’s font, based on different old Uzbek Cyrillic fonts, with a given font. Gives an ability to group, open and combine documents in different formats. Converts text on the basis of user-defined schemes. Keeps the descriptions of all Uzbek fonts in a data file. Automatically recognizes font types in transliteration.

April 2000 - May 2000
MS Visual C++
Endec: Utility to encode/decode files, uses security key based on user passwords or key files. Gives a possibility to use key files of various types and sizes such as a photo, text, etc.

April 2000 - June 2000
MS Visual C++
License: Utility to create and manage registration license for developing programs. Enables to set a wide capability of the registration limit and criteria for controlling programs

April 2000
MS Visual C++
Calculator: Arithmetic calculator with an ability to enter whole text-based arithmetic expression first and then calculate the result

September 1999 – December 1999
Borland C++ Bulder
Bank Documents: Software for creating, managing and generating bank documents. Part of the accounting system. Automatically spells payment amount to Russian in real-time while entering data. Paradox database, Borland Database Engine (BDE)

© Sheroz Khaydarov - Bank System © Sheroz Khaydarov - Bank System © Sheroz Khaydarov - Bank System © Sheroz Khaydarov - Bank System

September 1999 – December 1999
Borland C++ Bulder
Text Converter: Text converting and transliterating software for publishing house

© Sheroz Khaydarov - Text Converter © Sheroz Khaydarov - Text Converter © Sheroz Khaydarov - Text Converter

October 1999 – November 1999
Borland C++ Bulder
License: Utility for software registration

November 1999
Borland C++ Bulder
Arithmetic Calculator: Arithmetic calculator

October 1999
Borland C++ Bulder
Tax Account: Utility to calculate and round tax values. Rounds non-integer tax values to up/down. Spells both value and calculated tax in Russian

Borland C++
Borland Turbo C

MS Excel VBA

MS Access VBA

Visual Basic

October 2000 – June 2002
Subhinur Company’s price list generator: Generates prices in MS Excel format, ready to put to web server HTML format and in a special JavaScript data array format. Generates prices for selling goods and services of the company.

November 2002
Visa: Converts data received from email to specific visa application form

December 2000
Certificate: Helps to print certificates

July 2000
Electronic Parts Store: Generates price in specific MS Excel form

MS DOS / QBasic
ZX Spectrum / Sinclair Basic
Pravetz 8 / PDP

MS Access 2007
TestAccounting: Database for tracking employee and clients activity, electronic billing, reports and forms

July 2002 – August 2002
Istimora: Software for the data entering, managing, and generating applicant papers for the Arabic embassy. ADO data access technology.

© Sheroz Khaydarov - Report Arabic Hajj Umra © Sheroz Khaydarov - Report Arabic Hajj and Umra

HTML, JavaScript
Web-based online product calculator for US-based wholesale company

UNIX, Cobalt Server, Plesk Server

April 2001 – June 2002
Website of Subhinur Company. The whole site was developed manually using a text editor.
Coded a JavaScript module to calculate the price of the online configured PC from the selected hardware parts.
Coded a Perl module for guestbook, mailer, counter, questionnaire

November 2002
Perl module for online visa form, which sends application data, entered by the user, from the site to the company via SMTP email.

March 2002 – April 2002
Website of "YOSHKUCH" magazine. Automatically installs Uzbek fonts. Voluntary project. The whole website was designed manually.

© Sheroz Khaydarov - YOSHKUCH journal © Sheroz Khaydarov - YOSHKUCH journal

Fox September 1998 – February 1999
MS Visual FoxPro
Bank Payment Orders: Program to fill and print bank payment orders

October 1998 – February 1999
MS Visual FoxPro
Balance: Utility to generate accounting balance sheets and spreadsheets

July 1997
MS Visual FoxPro
Personnel Department Application: Part of the application for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, login procedure, which shows access rights and photo of the logged user while the database is under loading, extended search features

May 1996 – January 1997
MS Visual FoxPro
File and Table Converting Utilities: Utilities for converting text files, source code PRG files and dbf tables from DOS 866 to Windows 1251

April 1994 – January 2000
MS FoxPro 2.6 for DOS (16/32 bit), FoxPlus, FoxBase, Karat
Enterprise Automation System of Motor-Transport Company

(fully automates the business activity of a large motor-transport company)
  • Petrol and lubricants: Subsystem for accounting of petrol consumption. Control of delivery and current remaining fuel and lubricants on vehicles. Calculation of economy and overburning of petrol. Generating and printing reports. Designed, developed, and integrated into the enterprise system.
  • Bank documents: Subsystem for accounting and creating bank documents. Filling and printing bills and other bank documents. Designed, developed, and integrated into the enterprise system.
  • Dispatching office: Subsystem for accounting and controlling the route of cars and trucks. Printing and processing of bills and delivery notes. Fully rewrote source codes and converted subsystem from FoxBase to FoxPro. Added new functions: reports, change log, logging errors.
  • Department of operations: Subsystem for processing and controlling all the transportation and traffic flow and data of the enterprise, data distribution from dispatchers subsystem to other subsystems. Calculation and generation of bills for clients. Generation of monthly and daily reports. Rewrote most of the source code and converted subsystem from FoxBase to FoxPro. Constantly improved and corrected, optimized procedures of calculating and generating reports, optimized report forms, and finally achieved more than 100kg annual economy of printing paper usage.
  • Payroll: Subsystem for salary calculations. Gets data from the department of operation and calculates the salaries, taxes, and all other deductions and financial records of the drivers under the processed waybills. Calculates salaries for other employees and fixed-term workers on the base of completed timesheets. Generates reports, and pay sheets. Fully rewrote source codes and converted subsystem from FoxBase to FoxPro. Improved and corrected subsystem constantly and set a number of additional possibilities. Improved and corrected computational procedures. Added functionality for archiving and viewing results for last periods.
  • Materials and fixed capital: Subsystem for accounting of receipts, distributions and write-off of materials. Accounting and calculation of depreciation deductions of the capital. Accounting of movement of materials in warehouses. Generation of reports. Rewrote most of the source code and converted subsystem from FoxBase to FoxPro. Constantly improved and corrected, optimized procedures for calculating and generating reports
  • Tires: Subsystem for accounting of mileage and write-off of tires. Obtains the motor vehicles run from the department of operation and controls run of tires of automobiles on allowable condition. Generation and printing reports. Converted subsystem from Karat to FoxBase. Fixed errors in source code and database structure levels.
  • Customer accounting: Subsystem for calculations with clients on used freight traffic. Calculations of debit and credit balances, calculations of receipt of payments under generated bills. Generation and printing reports. Fully rewrote source codes and converted subsystem from FoxBase to FoxPro. Implemented additional features to improve overall functionality. Improved and corrected program constantly. Optimized report generation procedures

October 1998 – November 1998
MS FoxPro 2.6 for DOS
Consul: Software for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

July 1997 – August 1997
MS FoxPro 2.6 for DOS
Blanks: Enterprise documents and form templates creation, storage and printing utility

MS FoxPro 2.6 for DOS
Diary: Personal diary program. Persists data in a database in an encrypted format

MS FoxPro 2.6 for DOS
SportLotto: Generates variants for SportLotto game on the base of several algorithms, counts periodicity of drop-out of figures, uses random numbers, etc. Persists results of real games and current calculations in a database

Pascal October 1994 - April 1995
Borland Turbo Pascal
Multivariable Self Tuning Controller: Controller application for solving the dynamics of the real-time physical process by implementing a self-tuning algorithm in multichannel mode. Draws real-time graphics of input and output parameters, and shows turning points. Generates ready-to-print graphics report files by using direct graphic commands of matrix printer. It was a software part of my university diploma.

January 1994
Borland Turbo Pascal
Graph Calculating Utility for the Sector Economy Subject: Utility to solve the graph creating tasks of the sector economy subject. Part of my university diploma.

September 1993
Borland Turbo Pascal
Amplifier: Utility for modelling a car sound amplifier

Assembler 2003-2006
Developed cryptography and security-related programs and utilities (GOST 28147-89, AES, DES etc.)

1993- 1994
- Keyboard Layout Changer: a utility to programmatically change keyboard language layouts
- Fast Help: a resident program for displaying the content of files by pressing hotkeys. Was very useful to display enterprise phone numbers
- Printer Driver For EC7400: A resident program that removes/replaces special characters from the printing flow
- Key Speed: a utility to turn keyboard speed to the maximum
- Time Manager: a resident program to display the current time and date by pressing hot keys
- Printer Driver: a resident program to reassign PRN port
- Password: a utility to check user's access rights before launching the MS-DOS system

1992 – 1993
ASM Intel 8080
- Software driver for IC Intel8255/КР580ВВ55 based communication/network adapter. The communication protocol was designed and implemented on the base of the Manchester coding/encoding algorithm. The hardware part of the communication adapter was designed and manually assembled using a circuit board prototype, connected to the Intel8080/KP580BM80 CPU-based Microprocessor Training Kit (Учебный Микропроцессорный Комплект УМК «ВЭФ»).
- Software driver for modified PDP keyboard for Orion 128 microcomputer (based on Intel8080, manually assembled). The driver code was flashed into PROM BIOS in the memory area that was pre-allocated for standard keyboard driver bytes.

1992 -1993
ASM Z80 (Sinclair 48 / Pentagon 128)
- Utility to imitating sounds of simple musical instruments through Yamaha AY8912 sound processor
- Utility for recording/playback sound through a hardware port. Displayed wave oscillography of the recorded sound


Microsoft® Certified Solution Developer - MCSD, since 2002
Certificate Number: A769-3573

Microsoft® Certified Professional - MCP, since 2002
Certificate Number: A769-3571

Microsoft Certification ID: 2709685

  • 70-015: Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft Visual C++
  • 70-016: Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual C++
  • 70-100: Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures
  • 70-229: Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server

Languages I Speak

  • English: fluent, full professional proficiency
  • Russian: fluent, full professional proficiency
  • Turkish: fluent, full professional proficiency
  • Uzbek: native
  • Arabic: basic, elementary proficiency

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