My name is Sheroz.

I am a seasoned software engineer with a proven track record of building functional, efficient, secure, and robust applications, systems, and services using a diverse range of technologies.

My expertise includes designing and architecting software systems, analyzing requirements, creating specifications, leading research and development, building and mentoring cross-functional teams, and delivering innovative solutions that drive business growth.

During my extensive experience in the software industry, I have successfully delivered projects using a variety of technologies, including Go, Java, Ruby, C#, C++, and C, among others. However, in recent years my passion and focus completely shifted towards Rust. I find Rust amazing and exceptionally well-suited for crafting highly efficient, robust, and safe software, especially in the development of core systems, critical backends, distributed systems, cryptography, and the emerging web3 infrastructure.

Throughout my engineering journey, I have always enjoyed solving real business challenges by designing and building successful products using proper tools and result-driven development processes, which have been the most rewarding and fulfilling aspects of my engineering career.

I am a programmer by vocation, I keep on coding, and, I love what I do.

P.S. I am not interested in positions that are solely focused on people management.