Thank you for visiting my personal page.

My name is Sheroz. I'm a software engineer. I have many years of experience in building mission-critical, large-scale, and high-performant applications, systems, and services across multiple technologies that normally ended up with great success (and although it happens very rarely, sometimes with a failure as a lesson for success in the future).

My path in the technology is like a journey of a wandering dervish whose silhouette you can see on my home page, and who, despite all difficulties and hard times around, could fall in love with the light of every colorful piece of the kindness and truth, while striving forward on his path by non-stop learning along with diligence, patience, gratefulness, and endless optimism.

I'm a programmer by vocation, and I love what I do.

P.S. For the attention of recruiters & headhunters: I am employed, happy, and not looking for new opportunities.
(Please, do not contact me unless you have something really interesting. I like engineering-related challenges, not the offers that are related to management-only positions. Opposite to the management, the systems design and solving real technical challenges by using proper tools and result-driven code development processes always were the most pleasant scents of my whole engineering journey.)