Lightsaber sword - improving development performance by moving Intellij IDEA's cache into RAM Drive

Java IDE: IntelliJ IDEA 12
Operating system: Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
Ramdisk software: SoftPerfect RAM Disk (free)

Normally, IntelliJ IDEA keeps its caches under user's profile directory C:\Users\USER_ACCOUNT_NAME\.IntelliJIdea12\

- Config: stores global IntelliJ IDEA configuration which is not specific to a project
- System: contains project caches, indices, compiler caches, jar caches, logs and thread dumps, version control system caches, and some other system files
- Plugins: keeps third-party plug-ins which you install via Plugin Manager (bundled plug-ins are located in IDEA_HOME\plugins)
- Logs: (also contains automatic thread dumps)

To move System and Log directories to ramdisk, I added the following lines into IDEA_HOME\bin\ file:

(in my case the [P:] drive is persistent ramdisk synched with hard drive)

Also, for increasing overall development performance I moved database (PostgreSQL) data directory to SSD drive and changed the cache settings for the Chrome and Firefox browsers as shown here.

Currently our team is working on a large Java web project based on maven using Spring/MVC/Security, JPA/Hibernate, JasperReports, Tiles and jQuery frameworks. The databases we use are PostgreSQL 9 (development) and Oracle 11. We also using JDK 7, Tomcat 7 (development) and SVN.

After all these tricks I tried to open my current project with IntelliJ IDEA 12 …

Wow!!! It is fantastic! Works like a … sword!!!

Why sword?! I don’t know exactly... May be because of Darcula theme. This is just the first thought came to my mind seeing the overall results.

The Intellij IDEA now works as a lightsaber sword, as a weapon of a Jedi Knight, which you can trust in Java world!

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